Product Code: Pearl Pendants
Availability: In Stock
Ex Tax: $55.00
Overall Grade: AA
Luster: AAA
Body: AA
Shape: AAA - Button
Nacre: All (100% nacre)
Pearl Type: Freshwater
Length: 17.5
Color: White, Dyed Black, Lavender, Pink
Pearl Size: 9 - 10 mm
Product Name: Leeza
Product Type: Pendant
Metal: White Bronze
Metal Weight: 4.00
Product SKU: 18525
Product Code: FW-W-AA-910-P-Leeza


Whenever a heart is involved, it’s always a good thing to have a prize attached to it. This white bronze heart extends from the 17.5” necklace and ends in a dramatic point. 

The gracefulness of the heart lies silently under the large white freshwater pearl. It is the bearer of all things pure and beautiful. The white (AAA) button shaped 9-10mm pearl is the main focus on this beautiful pendant. 

The near perfect sheen of its (AAA) luster makes it delightful to watch as it sparkles. The overall look, design and meaning make this a fashionable gift for all ages.


All great things have a point and the Black Freshwater Pearl and White Bronze Pendant are no exception. A 17.5” necklace drops down to collect this White Bronze heart pendant. The pendant is an elegant display of a heart that comes around and down into a sharp and to the point conclusion. 

Within this heart, there sits the most magnificent large black pearl. With its AAA button shaped dyed black pearl, this pendant makes a beautiful keepsake for any age. 

The overall mirror like AAA luster provides a high gloss and radiant surface for the dazzling display sparkling designs to reflect from the pearl to the pendant and back. This piece is worthy of any wardrobe item and certainly a fine place within your jewelry armoire.


Soft and precious, the Lavender Freshwater Pearl and Pendant make sweeter things possible. Surprise the one you love with a small token of your love. 

Show her the meaning of the white bronze heart pendant and its magnificent 9-10mm lavender pearl that fills its heart with a soft and pure joy. The large pearl overflows its home but never strays, it stays true and settles into an AAA button shaped natural design. 

With a mirror like luster AAA that takes ahold of its surface and outshine everything in sight, the sparkles light up the night skies and illuminate the 17.5” white bronze necklace that hold it close to her heart


Graceful and stylish, this heart and pearl pendant makes flutters and butterflies come out of nowhere. The true beauty of a lovely heart lies in the acknowledgement of another. 

This Large Pink Freshwater Pearl takes only itself to say I love you, I appreciate you and here I am. With its 9-10mm size, there is no other room in this heart for anything else. It ends its statement with a dramatic case in point. 

The AAA beautiful button shaped pearl fills the hole that once sat in the center and shadows and darkness with its mirror like AAA luster that shimmers off the surface of the pearl and highlights the white bronze pendant. All this twirls from a gorgeous 17.5” necklace.

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