Product Code: Pearl Bracelets
Availability: In Stock
Ex Tax: $55.00
Overall Grade: A
Luster: AA
Body: A
Shape: A
Nacre: All (100% nacre)
Pearl Type: Freshwater
Bracelet Length: 7.00
Color: White, Dyed Black
Pearl Size: 6 - 11 mm
Product Name: Irina
Product Type: Bracelet
Metal: No-metal-type
Metal Weight: 13.50
Dimensions Length: 7
Product SKU: 18868
Product Code: FW-W-A-611-BGB-Irina


Crisp, Clean and White, this White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet takes a classic approach to this elegant 7” bracelet. The (A) shape pearl exhibits out of round pearls with no clear definition. They are full of unique and fascinating characteristics such as rings, ridges, various shapes, sizes and protruding potions. 

The pearl’s (AA) natural luster showcases the dazzling and glistening shine on the surface on the pearl and extends it throughout the pearl bracelet in a true show of spreading the overall wealth of each pearl’s dramatic features. 

This bracelet is a masterpiece awaiting a special owner who know how to sport a watch with the elite and elegant features that take a watch far beyond the comprehension of so many others.


Mesmerizing and transcending, the black and white freshwater pearl bracelet is the one that breaks all expectations, ideas and preconceived notions about what a true pearl should be and look like. This bracelet is the work of Mother Nature at her finest. 

A true depiction of beauty and the mussel’s ability to control the outcome of an implanted seed, the deep rings, ridges, varied shapes, sizes and implosion like pearls are a direct result of a mussel’s pressure in certain areas, slippage of the seed and various of factors involving the implanted seed and the mussel’s interaction with it. 

The unique traits are true only to your pearls. There are no two pearls that are alike. The 7-11mm in size pertains to the 7mm range applies to the black pearls and the 10-11 range applies to the large one freshwater pearls. The placement of the white pearls is a bold move to break up a solid display of the all black based freshwater pearls. 

Wacky, wild and truly crazy these pearls are a fantastic conversation piece that is sure to be noticed, envied and memorized by more than just your company. Enhance the bold circle of growing friends.

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